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It's monday

ohhhh the joys of Monday!

the AC was broken at work today. 
i work in Phoenix, ARIZONA.
It's JULY.
It's currently 111 degrees out
and it's 6PM.
holy Hannah, it's as hot as Africa times TWELVE over here
(i'd rather be IN Africa)
and you know all i've done all day long is complain.
(this is gross but MUST be said:)
it's a good thing i'm wearing black today

i go to Vegas Thursday for work.
i can't wait to see my provo team.
love them, a lot.

i know this my be so 2009 but I can't stop saying  adorbs
ew. i know. (and ew. as in cute.)

Did you know I have the prettiest sisters ever? I don't want to brag, but my family is pretty. We're cute. okay?
It's Cara's birthday today!!!! I'm so blessed to have such caring, understanding, and giving sisters.
Happy Birthday 22nd to the happiest. kindest. sweetest. most loving 22 year old out there. LOVE YOU!

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

Shauna said...

Man, I def do not miss the AZ summers! Hope you are doing well. xoxo

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