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weddings make me happy

I've learned a few things since I've moved to AZ

1. Weddings make me happy.
Ally got married. We love this. The happiest, most beautiful bride I have ever seen. and let's not forget about Dan, looking sharp as ever. Other than Ryan's blue stripe shirt, the wedding was PER.FECT.

2. Love stories make my heart melt. I'm not sure if it gets any sweeter. 
Brandon and Kenzie got married. High School Sweethearts. This has to have been one of my favorite weddings ever.

3. I will have wish lanterns at my someday wedding. 
 random: I still sing my "abc's" while twisting the stem off my apple...
anyone else...and any luck?!

4. When in an uncomfortable/awkward situation
(which I place myself i constantly and fully aware okay?) I become overly confident...(I can't even share these stories publicly because I am still traumatized over this) ...too soon. TOO. SOON.

5. I love Arizona.and even more than my love for Arizona, I LOVE it when I have visitors.
(thank you mom and cara for visiting!!!)
(I am aware this is a rough pict. let's embrace it. mmk!?) Come back Care-bear! or better yet, move back ;)

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