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As awesome as Utah is, I LOVE Arizona.

my roomies are delightful. seriously. we took a mini vaycay to the happiest place on earth. other than the smells... The roadtrip. company. traffic. and Disneyland made up for it!

Miss Kylie graduated kindergarten. The most adorable graduation I have EVER seen. they sang this song from the lion king and even had actions to it. 
omg. thinking about it makes me sick because it was SO cute. 

I cannot believe how fast little babies grow. Not seeing these boys, kills meee. I miss them.

These little babes stayed with me a couple weeks ago. I can't wait for them to more even closer to me! 
After  (what Kylie calls)"Friday Family Movie Night" We went lizard catching and bunny chasing last night. 
(any tips on how to actually catch a lizard? Kylie was disappointed and to be honest if we would have even seen one, I could have ran the other way. I find them freaky.)

p.s. yes, that is the Gilbert Temple in the background. 
and Yes, this is right up the street from me. 
SO beautiful.

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