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two for tea and tea for two

I'm not a huge fan of first dates.
Here are just a couple my concerns before the date even starts.

Time. First dates should be no longer than 3 hours. no questions. some boys don't know this.
The unknown. Surprise dates are cute and thoughtful, but me getting ready for dinner and then actually riding a horse, those are two completely different outfits.
and THEN
AWKWARD moments. {fast forward now}

I am an herbal tea fanatic. For real. I love everything about it.
Saturday, I went on a date and he took me to the Beehive Tea Room.
Did you know there were such places?!
It was the most adorable place ever and not to mention I felt like I was downtown NYC.

So far the date was going great, like so adorable.

After we had tea we went to dinner.
{this is where most of my dates go bad, and this time wasn't any different}

I tend to chat ... Some of the time  Most of the time I don't even know what I'm chatting about so at times I tend to say things I don't even know I'm saying.

Let me explain.

I called my date by his ex-bff's name mid-conversation. (and didn't know, which didn't help the situation)

So when he said, "Do you know what you just called me?"
Me: "Adorable?!"
...didn't go over to well.

So, in case you were wondering, #thatawkwardmoment when you call your date by his ex-bff's name, is in fact really awkward

Single and embracing those awkward moments, life is fabulous!


Brooke said...

This is so funny. Thanks for making me smile today!

Nicole said...

Ahhhh. So funny. You're not the only one who experiences those moments. I tend to ramble too, (usually when I'm really excited about something) and bump into those awkward moments all the time.

Katie B. said...

Love this! I love it when you go on and on and on and on.... !

Cara said...

Oh kels this is why I love you!! You are so funny!!

AllyM said...

Brittany Rose said...

Beehive Tea Room is my FAVORITE place in SLC. hands down. miss you

Stephanie Vogel said...

oh Kels......i love you!

Sassy Sarah said...

Ha... Oh, first dates! I also hated them. I really only had a couple GOOD first dates (one of them was with Evan) in all of the ones I went on from 16 to 25! I guess that's why I started dating people I was friends or had already hung out with before because then going on a date wasn't awkward because we already knew each other!

Laugh at those moments and enjoy them! :)

Melissa Stevens said...

hahahahaha oh my heck thats awesome!!!! first dates are always awkward!!

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