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My baby sis left me for the Key West.
I don't totally blame her for a number of reasons namely:
I'm in Utah and its winter.

She has been blogging it has made me realize I've missed the blogging world.

Here is a little update of my exciting life.

I love Fall but, I'm not a huge Halloween fan. Dance parties. dressing up like a hoe. and chili are not high on my list (although Hokus Pokus gets me everytime)BUT I'll have you know I loved this year.

That is right
{Rock. Paper. Scissors}

Thanksgiving was filled with family and friends! Best.Thanks.ever.

{with my favorite little girlies}

Brings Memories of: Ice skating. Nephews. Family&Friends. Frantic shopping. Game nights. Baking. And Nienie.

Has given me high hopes for a fabulous New Year! I LOVE January. I love setting goals. I love looking at the pass year and I LOVE looking at the future.

Here's to HAPPY 2012 :)
{If you want a happy future, start living happy now}


Brooke said...

You are adorable :)

Gentri said...

haha! YAY! So glad you enjoyed Halloween this year. It really was so much fun. :D

Sassy Sarah said...

So fun! You have had a busy last few months!

By the way... I saw your costume a few months ago on a blog. It was entered into a costume contest. I voted for you! I loved that costume idea :)

JRuud said...

Love your blog!!! I'm in Utah too!

Nicole Craven said...

love this!! hope you don't freeze, you should head out to key west too

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