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warning: this post might be a little out there

There are just some things that I will be better at than my future Mr. 
You know, when I become a Mrs. 

There are just a few things I can think of that shouldn't be a problem but they are valid concerns of mine.

I live in the center of Utah County.
Judge me.
I have found  that sometimes it can be difficult to tell whether some guys are straight or not.
 ... I'm not sure if guys realize that we girls can't tell but i feel like that should be a concern for them. no?
a little bit freaky.

I will have better style.
Style is something that is changeable so it's really not a deal breaker
...i mean unless he is a better dresser than me. I just do not see it working.

I will be better at tennis.
Well, I don't have to be completely better because some competition is completely necessary.

Last and certainly not least:
I will have better hair.

Today on lunch break I waited for a boy to cross the street...His hair was 
1. longer than mine (so immediately jealous)
2. He had an awesome natural hair color.
3. beautiful curls. 
...Long story short, if he was a girl, I would have lusted after her hair. 

I just feel like this is not too much to ask for.


Gentri said...

Right!! Haha! This is so great and I completely agree!

Katie B. said...

be random and out there more often.. i like it!

Kelsey Cole said...

Ha! I loved this post! And it is SO true about some of the styles we have been seeing lately on those utah county boys.... i wonder sometimes haha:)

It was so good to meet you tonight at the party kelsey! and I am happy to have found your cute blog:)


Megs said...

yes, the new styles boys sport are questionable, hahaha.

also, when i first saw you tonight i was so jealous of your haircut! i want!!

it was so good to meet you tonight!! your blog is so cute and i'm so glad i got to meet you! hopefully we can meet again soon and talk more :)


Rachel said...

It was way nice meeting you tonight!! (: You were so fun to chat with!


Rolled Up Pretty said...

You are hilarious! Ha ha! BTW, I thought you had the cutest hair ever last night. I don't know why I kept forgetting to tell you, but you definitely win best hair award. Yours will definitely be better than the Mr.s :) You make me want to chop chop chop mine the freak off! LOVED meeting you last night too, I wish we could have talked more! SO excited to keep reading your cute blog. Now following :) Have a GREAT DAY!

Autumn said...

It was nice meeting you last night :) I put some photos up on my blog, everyone is welcome to steal them or ask me for bigger copies.

jen fuller said...

ugh utah county boys need to take a hint! i wish boys dressed like they did in the 50's. mmm.

it was fun meeting you, i wish we could've had more time to talk! your blog is adorable!

Ashley Eliza said...

i love each and every word in this post Kelsey, AMEN!!!


Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Haha you are hilarious! As usual. I love that. And I love your hair. Just don't o for the Justin Bieber type (hair) and you should be good...and hope your gaydar gets better haha. Anyways, hope you enjoy rockin your Utah hat! Glad to meet ya! I wish we could have talked more :(

Chelsea said...

LOVE tennis! That's awesome!

Seth + Carlie said...

hahah this post is awesome!

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