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Today I feel: GRATEFUL

This weekend I was reminded of how blessed I am with such an amazing family and wonderful friends.

I became an aunt again to baby McCoy who is just the most adorable little bean ever. 
Congrats Kurty and Jen
They make the most beautiful babies. (I don't think it should be allowed.) 

My BFFs came for a minute this weekend. 
Yay for Cara&Missy coming down from Logan.
Dan coming from Texas.
Kara, Chicago.
Jessica, Colorado.
Blaine, California.
&Ally thank you for living with me for forever!!
(BTW Ally's is tomorrow.)
She says she's not a birthday diva...but we all have a little bit of it in us. 
make sure to give her some love :)

I love every ounce of each one of these people...

We are so cute. It almost makes me sick.

Happy Labor Day!!!


kebowman said...

cute pictures! sweet baby and LOVE your hair! it always looks perfect!

Katie B. said...

you blogged!! I love it!

Our Little Fam said...

cute pictures! Congrats on a nephew, so fun!

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