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Ms. Bloggers

As I sit here to update ya'll I literally feel sick because it has been like a month forever.
Some of you (Katie) have threatened to unfollow me. Other's of you have asked me to come back. 
And all those haters(katie :))/lovers: 
I have truly missed you, so I'm back!

I keep thinking of the song Ms. Jackson by OutKast...
I am aware that it is annoying, 
also, i am a freak and for real searched in youtube:
Outkast- Ms. Jackson...blogger style
go ahead laugh at me 
if you were wondering they don't have one for bloggers
(otherwise I would have posted it and nothing else)

for real:
I'm so sorry its been forever!

BUT if you have been wondering, Here is what I have been up to:

For starts can I just say, July is been the b.e.s.t. month e.v.e.r.?!

I don't want to make anyone jealous b u t : I have my own desk, a phone with my name on it and an extension to reach me at, and a comfy spinning chair. That is right people. I have what some may call, a j.o.b.

Cara came home from college, graduated from EAC and turned 21!!! can I get a whoopwhoop!!
Conrad, Jamie and the girls moved home for the month. hollllllllllla!
Having sister's home/being home with family is the b.e.s.t thing ever.

I went back for a visit to my old stomping ground to see my friends. 
Rexburg will always have a special place in my heart, and I'm not just saying that.

I went to Park City for a girls weekend with some of my old roomies. We shopped, had many late nights and ate more than necessary. But let's be serious, one of the most fun weekends ever.

Ally came over from NJ to visit. I had just started working so I was boring but I loved having her visit!
and Miss Melissa came over from Texas too! We went to dinner and caught up on probably more than what was needed :)

Cara and I went to Moab. We went rafting and then to the Arches National Park. oh my goodness. For real.
If I lived in China, I would fly to Utah just to see this. It was amazinggg.

Isn't summer wonderful?

Summer has reminded me of some things I am so grateful for like;
family. old friends and new friends. late summer nights. the drive in. snow cones. road trips. yard work. sunshine. trees. weekends. tennis. shade. love. big sunglasses. sandals. fireworks. health. music.
 and neon pink nail polish.
Claire, Cara and I have been friend since for real: 3rd grade. cute right?! :)

 Seriously, I have zero complaints. Life is good. and I love you all. 


AllyM said...

okayyyyy SO glad you blogged. Tomorrow we will catch up. Or you can call me back--i did just call even though its 1am my time. love you to pieces.

Melissa Stevens said...

More than was needed?! Nah. I think it was all needed. haha. SO glad to see you are back, and I'm so glad summer is treating you right! LOVE YOU! lets chat soon k?!

Gentri said...

Yay!!! I've been wondering when you'd post again! Love this!

Delainey said...

I was wondering where you were too!! Congrats on the new job!

Our Little Fam said...

So glad you are back! And you look fabulous, great pictures!

Katie B. said...

Thank you for blogging!!! I feel so so so honored that you mentioned me twice. Even if it was for negative reasons. I missed you!! Love that you have a job... makes me envy you and your grown-up-ness.. But hey on the serious note... i have a guy for you. I tried to look you up on facebook, but you got rid of yours too? Proud of ya!

Happy Wife said...

glad you're back!

Nicole said...

Hi Kels! My phone died and I lost your number with it! Will you text me so I have it? I realized I don't even think I have your email anymore! I have a question for you when you text me! It was so fun seeing you the other day!!! Love you!

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