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sunday sun

Today I didn't have church until three.
My plans were to...sleep in
Get ready for church
play the piano.

I woke up at 730 {why? idk} fell back asleep until 9
and then I went outside and read a book for until noon...


Book almost done. holler. 
Time to play the piano
sunkissed skin

best. thing. ever.

Did you know i LOVE Sundays? It's true. 


Monique said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! :)

Monique xxx

Gertrude said...

I miss reading actual books! You look great :) xo

Our Little Fam said...

haha.. lovin' the sunburn! Love the warm weather.

Gentri said...

Did you cut your hair?? Or is it pulled back? Either way- super cute! And yes, thank goodness for this weather!

Becca and Derek said...

Come to AZ- lots of sun and pools!

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

I love Sundays too. It's pretty much always my favorite day. I got sunkissed this Sunday too! :)

Ashley Sloan said...

Oh you look so cute! I love Sundays too... playing with babies in nursery and then cooking after church...relaxing :)

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Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

We finally had a sunny weekend here too!

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