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wardrobe wednesday!

I swear I got dressed today. Things just got a little busy and before I knew it, it was seven o'clock and time to go to a meeting, got home just before ten and well lets just pants are a must anytime after seven. 
so...Take it or leave it :) but here is my Wardrobe Wednesday!
 I am awesome. I realize this.

{sweatshrit: the north face yoga pants: target}

Am I the only one who finds Glee to be amazing? 
I am being serious when I say I enjoy Don't Stop Believing by Glee more than Journey. 
Is that wrong?
Also, last night Glee singing Rolling in the Deep, love it just as much as Adele.
 and I absolutely LOVE Adele. 

I need a trim and some color asap but problem my hair lady lives in Idaho. 
I have considered roadtripping it up to take care of this issue but I need to find someone here anyway.
SO suggestions of super awesome hair people would be much appreciated 
and not to be too picky but between the area of SLC and Provo would be the best thing ever.

oh and ...I am kind of shady when it comes to reading.
I am not into vampires, wirzards and well really just any type of fake things.
Some people think this is funny,
Some say I don't have an imagination,
 but I really enjoy Self Help books...
{Have you read Leadership and Self Deception? This book will change your life. promise.}
and I love to read about real things, history, people..etc. 
I need a good book for this weekend. Your thoughts are very much welcomed :)

don't forget to see what Ally is wearing!!!

Happy Hump Day! yay for Almost the weekend!!!! 


Becca and Derek said...

Everyone needs a sweatshirt and yoga pants day! You look adorable as always!

rohinie said...

Yoga pants are the most essential part of a wardrobe...^^
you look sooper-cute as always...

you can make anybody get diabetes...yes youre thaat sweet!!!



Dree said...

Yoga pants are essential! And I totally agree, the Glee version of Don't Stop Believin' is best. Do you read Jodi Picoult books at all? She deals with real circumstances and issues but with fictional characters, and her books are always excellent.

Nicole said...

I don't even really know you, but I feel like after reading this post, we ARE THE SAME PERSON!
#1. I own more yoga (I call the "dance pants") than jeans - dance teacher = I never wear "real clothes"

#2. I'm obessed with Glee and with Don't Stop Believing, and when Rachel sang Rolling in the Deep I nearly passed out!

#3. I just starting reading Bethenny Frankel's book A Place of Yes - pretty much a self help book. I always feel weird suggesting self help books, cause it's like you're telling someone they need help. But whatevs. And seriously, I love it so far.


Judith, said...

I like your hair, so don't chance it? hahaa.xx

Kaycie said...

Um, I LOVED when they sang Adele! In. Credible. Cute blog, btw!

ashley.warner said...

you make yoga pants and a sweatshirt look super fab.

and I am also addicted to Glee. I have re-watched the episode dedicated to Fleetwood Mac like 4x...its an obsession!

and I have a super fab hair lady I've gone to for years (as do my aunts and my momma)
her name is Destiny Rayburn - 801-369-2984

good luck lady!

AllyM said...

you need to read Something Borrowed. ASAP.

misssyou boo

Jenna said...

love yoga! so cute.

some good hair ladies? i just use my missionary's sister. her name is cali, she's real great!

-♥- lauren said...

i wear yoga pants every day at some point or another...

i have like 648263 pairs. seriously!

you're a doll :) xoxo

Amanda said...

I love your post, it's so cute!!!! Following you now!

Comments & ad views greatly loved!

Gentri said...

ooo ooo ooo!!! Pick my hair lady!!! She's Ah-mazing! And super cute! :D Let me know if you want her info!! She's also just in Lindon! (like 15 min away!) I think yoga pants and a sweatshirt are a great outfit. I may or may not live in sweats every day... unless I go somewhere special (walmart doesn't count)

Stephanie Vogel said...

7 habits of a highly effective person. Levi loved that book said it was pretty awesome. He thinks everyone should read it !

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Humm, I'm kind of glad to hear you like this kind of books because the one I am writign falls along these lines, even if I do hope to make it different from most out there!

As for homewear, I've been really into wearing playsuits at home lately!

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...


Our Little Fam said...

yay for yoga pants and hoodies.. sounds so comfy =) hope you are having a great day! xoxo

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