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wardrobe wednesday

For all of you who don't do Wardrobe Wednesday. 
Can you please try it? Seriously.
Sometimes taking photos is just difficult. 
and bless my poor mothers heart for taking my pics...
{i am somewhat difficult}
{cardigan: F21. shirt: the Rack jeans: rock&republic shoes: steve madden belt: target}

Mother's Day is coming up.
 Sunday to be exact! What are doing for your mom's?! 
I would love to hear, besides I need some cute ideas :)
In the last couple of days I have heard my mom say:
I really love her, and not only for her choice of words 
{WHICH I will take credit for}
 BUT also for her example:
Today she made dinner for little family in our neighborhood 
and she made a cute little bag to put it in.
Some day when I am a mom I will:
make dinner for families in my neighborhood and put them in a cute little bag
and maybe even have a kitchen drawer just for my jellO.

Make sure to see what little miss Ally was wearing today!

p.s. next Wardrobe Wednesday, maybe I will be wearing shorts! 
It is getting so warm here...and by warm I mean the high 50's. 
Life couldn't be any better. 



Becca and Derek said...

Very cute! Love your shoes- I need those! Sending shorts weather your way!

rohinie said...

awww i love your sweater...
you never fail to look so you???


Melissa Stevens said...

1. Your W.W. pics are always sooooo adorable! You are so beautiful Kelsey!
2. I love that your mom says those words now, it just is so awesome! I'm starting to get people to say whops, finally!
3. I love you!

Claire said...

aww, love the bag! so cute. and for Mother's Day I'm taking my mom and grandma to a tea fashion show. i'm so excited! and my hubby will be watching my two girls!

SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

you always have the cutest outfits! ... and i'm not just saying that! :) it looks like you're having nice weather where you are! we had a nice day today too, but tomorrow, the rain is supposed to be back. :\

best of luck finding something to do for your mom for mother's day!


Izzy Rose. said...

I adore this outfit, especially the cardigan. I get my family to do my photos too- sometimes it's just to hard to pull my tripod out! I love your blog, hope you will follow me back! X

Dree said...

I love love love your outfit! I've always been a big fan of the crisp white shirt with a cardi on top look.

MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

Haha...precisely why I could never do Wardrobe Wednesday...I'd probably be grimacing in every photo! You, however, always manage to look adorable!

Beth said...

love your outfit. so cute!

and...i didn't even know mother's day was this weekend until someone asked me "are you going to see your mom this weekend?" " why?" then i looked on my calendar.

AllyM said...

you are adorable, but your MOM IS SO CUTE. That bag is adorable.


Asher said...

what a cute outfit!!

kebowman said...

LOVE your outfit!
and you're mom seems so sweet! :)

Our Little Fam said...

Love your outfit!! So cute!

Ashley Rae said...

Awww! Your mom is sooo sweet. And high 50's?? Brrrr.
Thanks again for the comment, Kelsey!
I'd love for us to follow each other. :)


Madison Beazer said...

Once again another super cute outfit. Maybe someday you would like to come shopping with me and be my personal stylist? :)

ashley.warner said...

can i please please please get you to come be my personal stylist? I need some MAJOR help here.
like, NOW!

your outfit is da bomb! holla!

(oh, my mom says holla too all the time)

Anonymous said...

1. i just wrote a really long comment and then deleted so im really angry.
2. i love your outfit. in fact, i think im obsessed with it.
3. dont you love when parents say modern day words? like my dad says "dude" and i think its hilarious.
4. did i mention i love your outfit? i cant get over it.
5. your mom's brown paper bag idea is aboslutely adorable, to die for, im doing that someday.
6. i just love your blog.

HettyA said...

I totally love the jeans and belt adorable! :)

Scooter Girl. said...

mom is the best! and look at you miss. so cute!!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

Your momma is such a good sport and I bet she loves taking your photo!!

Lynzy said...

You are so adorable, loving your shoes :)
xo Lynzy

Megan and Justin said...

I definitely have that shirt from Nordstrom's Rack :) cute kels!

Gentri said...

Just popped over from Ally's blog! :) Love that cardigan! A lot! And how cute is your mom? I love mothers day.

Gentri said...

Oh! And I'm your newest follower!

Hazey said...

You look so cute. Love your shirt!
I have been wanting to do an outfit of the day...maybe I will on a Wednesday lol. Great blog, following you now.


JaMie said...

I love the bag mom made! I love your cute outfit. I love that I get to see you in July and I love that it is getting warm;)xoxo sis


Lovely outfit! Your cardy is absolutely adorable and so are you!! Hope you had a fabulous weekend. xx veronika

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