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Happy Mother's Day

I have been blessed with many wonderful motherly examples in my life. 
But Today I am most grateful for you mom.

Thank you for:
keeping me company.
doing my laundry.
making me laugh.
always finding the little things that "just are not there"
your cooking skills.
your love.
your example of righteous living 

I love you.
Happy Mother's Day to all!


Becca and Derek said...

Very sweet post.

rohinie said...

i love this post...
a great way to wish your mom....i wish i had thought of something like this:( hehe

love ya...X

Our Little Fam said...

Aww.. so cute!

AllyM said...

i love your mom!

Claire said...

awww, how sweet. sounds like you have an awesome mom!

Cathy said...

Thank you Kelsey for the beautiful post. YOu'll have to explain the...always finding the little things comment... Love you gorgeous!

Cathy said... means I always know where everything is...

Morgan said...

AWE! I love this! Hooray for moms!

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Ana said...

You girls are gorgeous. I hope your mothers day was fantastic :)

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