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Wardrobe Wednesday 9

I'm home.
Ally is always my wardrobe Wednesday photographer.
I'm really not sure how I will be able to handle the rest of my Wednesday's this summer.
Any suggestions?
I mean, Mom, these photos are great...
But Ally's just really great at capturing all angles.
We actually got a great laugh out of the many attempts.
Please do enjoy:

{Shirt: gap. Jeggings: gap. Scarf: h&m. Earrings: Nordstrom Rack. Watch: walmart}
All i really wanted to capture in the photo was the back of my shirt
{it has these awesome gold buttons that go down the back}
and my pearl clip-on earrings
{they are my new favorite accessory}.
Since I have been home...
My mom taught me how to open a pistachio...she actually blogged about it too. Check it out.
I have taught my mom the correct way to use Hollaaaaaaaa!...she used it today, it was awesome.

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday!!!


Cathy said...

Fact: Those are amazing pictures! I'm happy to oblige every Wednesday!

Melissa Stevens said...

Those pictures are awesome! And hello beautiful background! I wish my backyard looked like that! Actually...I just wish I was as amazing as you are. Cute cute cute outfiT! Love you girl!

Anonymous said...

L-O-V-E your scarf. it's to die for really!
umm let's be friends please?
cause your blog is darling!

Gertrude said...

Maybe getting a tripod? I don't really know cause I feel pretty weird taking pictures of myself on my own haha :) That scarf is gorgeous xo

Monique said...

I love that scarf!

I am a new reader! Just found your blog! Loving it so far!

Monique xx

simply jane said...

cuuuteee blog! =) i am HONORED to be friends with you. look forward to creeping your blog..... =)


what a gorgeous location!! And I love, love that scarf -SO beautiful. Hope your having a wonderful week. xx veronika

fashionismyh2o said...

So pretty! Love the scarf and your hair is gorgeous :)

Great blog - following now :)


kebowman said...

you are too cute!!! thank you so much for your sweet comment and visiting me!!! I'm having a giveaway! Its going on right now... so be sure to check it out and join in if you'd like! I'd love for ya too! :)

Here's the link in case you're interested:

AllyM said...

I want to hear my mom use the word hollaaaaa. AND I NEEEEEEEEED you back in my life. mmk?bye.

Mary @Delightful Bitefuls said...

You're so gorgeous!!

Great blog; happy I found you!

Mary xo
Delightful Bitefuls

Bonnie said...

I always love it when a fellow blogger uses a scarf as a kick-ass accessory!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

ingredients of our sugar coated youth said...

These pictures are great!
You have lovely hair.
We are loving your blog :)

Leah and Georgia♥

Morgan said...

You are too stinking cute and so is your blog! Super happy I found it!

Meet Virginia Design
Check out my $50 Giveaway from Apothica! FREE makeup friends!

Megan and Justin said...

Hi I miss you!!!!!!!! I can't wait til June. P.s. you look so cute :)

Judith, said...

great outfit! said...

Hi Kelsey thanks for your lovely comment on my blog :D
I would love it if you'll follow my blog?
Great stuff is on the way ;)

xoxo Eva

natasha {schue love} said...

You are too cute! Love this well as your Earth Day one! :)

Hope you have a great Easter Weekend!

Lillies and Lace said...

thank you for your comment! i love your scarf in this outfit! i am following now :)

Margaret said...

i looove your hair
great blog!
loving the posts
stop by some time xx
take a peek at my latest giveaway while you're at it!

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