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so Monday Dan flew into SLC.
love him. seriously though.
if you ever need a laugh: check out his blog. bomb{dot}com.

Dan and I tried to take just one photo to make all of our friends jealous that we were having fun and the results were as follows...

what is with me and these poor photo taking skills?
not one worked.

Today I had a job interview.
The last interviewee for the job told the lady,
"I have so much knowledge it's dangerous."
I took that as I'm out of luck, but seriously who says that?
first of all:
It's just so not fair to everyone else applying.
but secondly:
I'll be trying that one liner in my next interview.
{I'll keep you posted, no worries}

looking for a job is so annoying.
i know it has only been 4 days but...will it ever end?!
Ally says it best, "I feel like I'm in high school again".
but really, wt{ish}?!

I swear, I thought I graduated college.

life really is wonderful though, really!

p.s. Krystal from Hello Darlin' is doing her very first give way! You should check it out :)


Gertrude said...

Those pictures are so cute! Good luck with the job hunt :) xo

Monique said...

Good luck with your job searching! You will be successful soon I am sure!

Monique xx

rebecca said...

haha, i'm useless at taking photos too! good luck with the job hunt

Judith, said...

thanks for your sweet comment! maybe we could follow each other? x

kebowman said...

good luck pretty girl!!!

tahnk you for your sweet comments on my blog!:) you are the sweetest thing! :)

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