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post grad plans

i graduate college on friday. 

{in fact, i already have my cap and gown.}
i love it too.
like this friday i will be a college graduate. freaky.

so, my post grad plans?!
straight from the calender...ready?! 

april 10-16 road trips to vegas with some lovelies
june 17-19 park city reunion with the girls
july 15 vacay with ally

i feel like i don't even have time to get a job.

just kidding mom!!! 

no but really...
possibly 6months tooooo late but the job hunt is on.
any suggestions/ideas?! 


miss lex: said...

hooray for you! congrats on graduating!! :)

p.s. i'm suuuper jealous...;)

Kelsey said...

thank you so so much :)

Mackenzie said...

yaayy congrats!! you should become a personal recruiter for a company! that's what my sister does. hire and recruit people to work for the company you work for! good pay, you get to travel, and lots of perks! :)

AllyM said...

yeahhhh. SO PUMPED!!!

Kelsey said...

kenz. does she work in HR? i want her job. that sounds bomd{dot}com.

Megan and Justin said...

kelsey!!!!! girls reunion! i am sooo excited to see and hang out with you :)

Mackenzie said...

si senorita! she works at Stryker, and is the HR/Recruiter!

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