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It's Earth Day and a happy one too!

Things I could do to celebrate:

I could not:

...take a shower {but I am trying to find a job, this is a must.}
...use the blower dryer {but Utah does nothing great for a hair} tv {the Royal Wedding? hello. loving all the hype and Will and Kate.} to the gym {walking to the gym would have been my workout, and its cold}

and lets not forget: all of these are just so necessary.

Besides, I really am all about recycling and not littering.
I even pick up litter when I see it.

goal this summer:
find a new way to be more green! hollaaaaaaa!
you should try it too, or at least think about it?!

go green. be green.
Happy Earth Day!!
Are you celebrating?!


Judith, said...

I don't know that it was earth day, haha;p

Cathy said...

One can turn lights off after exiting a room...keep the temp down in your home...just a few suggestions to add!

Nicole C said...

thanks for the lovely comment, i am now following you. please follow me back

Pia said...

I didn't blow dry my hair yesterday, but let it air dry. Ha.
Though I have to say I didn't do this to celebrate Earth Day...I was simply too lazy.

Gal Meets Glam said...

I always let my hair air dry...I am too impatient otherwise!!!
thanks for the comment, I am now a follower of your blog too :)


Monique said...

Such a great cause!

Monique xx

laura said...

Oh Earth Day. I laughed at the reasons you gave for thing that you could do to celebrate Earth day! hahaa.
hearts, laura♥
the blog of worldly delights

ashley.warner said...

happy earth day!
i love your lovely blog!

Alice Dias said...

I am already following you!!
Thank's for following!!
Alice Dias

Jenna said...

go green! happy earth day!

Alyssa - Live, Love, Craft said...

Thanks for following! I'd love to be friends :D I'll be back for more!


Sharde said...

oh girl. when i peruse your blog, you make me feel like i know you and ally! ya'll are so adorable :)

and congratulations on your graduation- and your super awesome trip. i'm going to have to get to vegas soon!

Becca said...

i guess i did all those things to celebrate earth day and didn't even know it! hahaha thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! yours is adorable and i'll definitely be following!!

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