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if your coming from ally's blog i'm certain there will be a few duplicates, but lets face it...
although Vegas made me sadder,fatter and blonder:
it was nothing less than fabulous...
but really :)

This is Ryan. Ryan Paull.
Ryan actually had an accident on Monday.
because of the accident, he couldn't go swimming all week.
as horrible as it was...the jokes have not stopped...and
Fact: the joke will never end.
Fact: Ryan jokes about it too.
He actually sent me this drawing he had drawn all by himself...
although it doesn't give do the story justice, it is true and hilarious:

Let me be completely honest:
I adore
FACT: of these boys.
seriously. lovelovelovelovelove.

Fact: Hoover Dam is one of the seven wonders of the Industrial world.
Fact: It was HUGE.
Fact: we think we are awesome.

The Bellagio.
There were fresh.real. Tulips everywhere
it was beautiful.
Fact: I would road trip to Vegas any day.

Fact: I LOVE these girls.
Fact: I MISS these girls.
We went to the driving range and the boys hit some balls.
Fact: I love golf course grass.

Best swimming pool ever.
let me explain:
basketball hoop.
water slide.
cove to cover you from the sun.
and palm trees...
Fact: i love palm trees.

Golden Spoon.
have you heard of it?
Princess Perez
could probably tell you more about it than me,
but in all honesty,
i recommend opening your own franchise then you get all you want :)
Fact: it is DIVINE!
why i love ally:
my twin
...the list could go on
Fact: i'm not sure how i will survive summer without this girl.

proof that we really did get in the water
Fact: 42degree water.
lake mead+tubing=bomb{dot}com
Fact: i love Vegas
Fact: i love road trips.
Fact: i love summer.

why does the word Fact look like it is spelled wrong?
I'm not sure if I'm super tired...
or just miss Vegas too much?


Gertrude said...

Wow looks like you had an awesome time in Vegas! The place looks amazing xo

Kurt & Jen said...

fun road trip!!! i love that you have such good friends. lucky girl!!

Kurt & Jen said...

p.s. you're crazy for getting in water that cold. brrrr!!!!

AllyM said...

For real. I'm sadder and Fatter after vegas and reading this. I love you. So glad I ended up going to Vegas because it was a trip I will never forget.

chan said...

Fact: I wish you had never graduated and would be at BYUI next semester.

Kelsey said...

that is the best fact. ever. growing up is overrated.

Shauna said...

kelseyyy!! wait, it has been forever! congrats on graduating! looks like you had a super fun time in vegas. what are your plans now?!!


SWEATshirtDRESSshirt said...

you guys went to vegas!? how fun!

there is nothing like sunshine, good times, and friends. :)


Kelsey said...

shauna!!! it really have been forever! thank you for the congrats! i just moved home and now i'm just looking for a job. where are you? what are you up to?!

SSDS...if you haven't yet been to Vegas, best post grad vay-cay ever. highly recommended!


Cathy said...

FAct: Glad you are my daughter...
Fact: Glad you had a blast in VeGas..
faCt: Glad you graduated...
facT: Glad you are home with us!

JaMie said...

Fact: You are adorable, and so are your friends. love this post. peace out.

Monique said...

Im following! Follow me back sweetie!

Monique xx

Kirstin@CrimsonRosella said...

Wow, what a blast lady! Looks like so much fun!

ashley.warner said...

fact: you have cutie guy friends.
hook a sista up! :)

i love your blog! seriously! darling.

Anonymous said...

It is better to have loved and lost, than not to have loved at all.

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