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I'll take a side of hot wifey points, please.

There are three household/motherly things that just don't sit well with me.

{hot wifey points,please}
1. Peeling Potatoes.

When I was about 7 years old my mom asked me to help with the Sunday dinner, graciously{of course} I helped peel the potatoes. I don't remember how in the world it happened but the potato slipped out of my hands and I peeled my finger. Ever since then I will do anything to help in the kitchen other 
than peel a potato.
so maybe sometimes I can be a little dramatic...
ex: I once thought I saw a spider come out of my shower head{which btw not possible the holes were way too small}, my dad installed a new shower head.
So, for Christmas this year, my dad found me this potato peeler.
It's the only way I will peel...if I have to. 

My friend Blaine {who btw has an awesome blog} told me I lost "Hot Wifey Points" for these last two, so any suggestions to this problem would be greatly appreciated because "Hot Wifey Points" are the best and quite necessary.

2. Sweeping.
broom + dust pan = more and more piles of dirt/dust. Next to ironing...the worst job ever. I'd rather just use a vacuum and then a swifter sweeper, you know?

3. Ironing.
I absolutely hate ironing. I just make things more wrinkley, so I find it unnecessary.
Today, I was getting ready for my grandma's {75th} b-day party and decided to wear a shirt that would have looked much better if I ironed it correctly. I go to use the iron and forgot that my mom had told me it was broken...the one and only time I actually had the desire to iron...of course!
Anyway, it ended up not being a problem at all, I used my straighter instead. And let me tell you,
I am a Genius! It worked awesome.

p.s. be prepared for an awesome surprise from miss Ally and I. 

Happy Easter Sunday, tomorrow!!! 


Monique said...

Happy Easter Kelsey!

Monique xx

Katie Jane said...

Ba. HA! Awesome. We're blogging buddies and I am pleased with this.

Gertrude said...

Haha I never thought of ironing clothes with a straightener! Great thinking :) I hate ironing as well. Happy Easter :) xo

The Thomas' said...

Kelsey Found your blog too! you are the cutest!

Mugdha said...

Ooh! For the ironing, if it's thinner fabrics, sometimes you can hang them up in the bathroom when you shower, and if there's enough steam, it'll sort those wrinkles right out. Also (especially for pants), folding them up nicely and putting them in the oven for a bit (no, really, this works). Oh, the things you learn in college, haha

AllyM said...

hahahahaha i live for hot wifey points. and a strightner. AWESOMEEEE.

Katie B. said...

you'll always be a hot wife to me kelsey!

Sharde said...

you just made MY day! and yes, we will be friends from now on:) the skirt is from forever 21! and only 10 dolla. definitely in my budget.
happy easter! :)

Lindsey said...

Oh I'm right there with you. I avoid a legit broom at all costs. The Swiffer is my BFF! Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog, hope you had a great Easter!

ingredients of our sugar coated youth said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ingredients of our sugar coated youth said...

Haha I really like your story it made me laugh!
Thanks for the comment, I am now following you :)
Hope you do the same!

Leah ♥

Nicole Craven said...

i'm now following!! and completely agree, i would rather never iron anything again!

Anonymous said...

ok this is hilarious. i totally use my flat iron to straighten out creases in my clothes!!! that's why a steamer is the best thing ever as far as ironing is concerned! costco for $60. well worth it, trust me. AND i am number 1 hater of sweeping. seriously? who ever thought of that? because it is the worst invention known to man. it just makes for an even bigger mess. vacuuming is where its at and my swiffer wet jet will be buried with me. i seriously love that thing. and your comment on my blog made me so happy! really, thank you! we are can totally be friends! like i dont know if or how i will ever meet you... but just because we might never meet, doesnt mean we cant be friends :)

mandyface said...

Amen to the sweeping! I always use a vacuum hose lol

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