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Happy Easter Sunday!

I am not bias in saying this:
I really do have the cutest nieces and nephew{nephews to come :)} in the entire world.
My brother and sisterinlaw live really close, so that means I will be getting to see this adorable little boy muchmuchmuch more. They came over for dinner this last Wednesday. Sweetest little baby ever.

I'm still in my church clothes and it is almost 11PM. It's been a really great Easter Sunday. Church was inspiring and uplifting, just what I needed. We had some family friends over, as well as my cousin and a long lost friend {Martha} who i cannot wait to be friends with again! She is the cutest thing ever.

I hope you all enjoyed your Easter Sunday.
 If you have time, take 2mins and 47secs.

Love you all!


Becca and Derek said...

I agree- you have the cutest little ones in your family! They are too cute! Loved this Youtube- the tears have been flowing all day! You're great! xoxo

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

My long lost twin with same name - I LOVE IT! Did you just come across my blog from Google? Excited to read more :)

Judith, said...

Great photo's! you ask me about the mint green nailpolish.. i haven't but maybe i will buy some one :)

ashley.warner said...

i've been bawling all weekend basically.
loved this video, thanks for sharing! :)

Ashley said...

you are SO cute! I had the same Easter video up on my blog too! I just stumbled on your little blog, and I love it!!! So sad Easter is over... but HAPPY MONDAY!

Erica said...

Hey sweets! Thanks for the comment on blog, but as for your request for us to be friends... we are friends silly. I am a follower. Now I just need you to follow me over at Moth. :) xo Erica

ps... I think you'd like luxe life too!!

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

Oh my, tears in my eyes!

P.S. I'm doing an accessories swap over at my blog today and I'd love for you to join in!

Morgan said...

Awe so so cute! So glad you had such a great Easter!!

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Carol {Everyday Delights} said...

Sounds like a wonderful Easter weekend!

Reptilia said...

Heey, thanks for your comment!

What a lovely photos!


Meredith said...

yay for Easter and family!! loved it so much, except i kinda need to detox from all the sugar today:)

Stephanie and Such said...

Haha you always stayed in your church clothes til late! But skirts are always so cozy :) You sweater is so cute kels!

by Jennifer Smith said...

Cannon loves you! So excited we get to see you more!

Alexis Kaye said...

How are so cute! So is he! Happy Easter :)

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