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Wardrobe Wednesday 3

sometimes i just have black and white days...
do you know what i mean?
if not...let me teach you a trick...
{if you have a photograph you really do like or even if you don' like it but still want to make it work... make it blackandwhite. seriously.}
this will change your life.

{cardigan: gap blouse: nordstrom rack watch: bestey johnson nailpoilish: OPI Pamplona purple}

Why are Wednesday's my favorite days?
I actually don't have an answer because usually everyday is my favorite day...
with {sidenote} the exception of Tuesday's and I don't even know why, but I feel like every Tuesday this semester has just been rough.

Today was awesome because:
.: my 1hr45min class was only 1hr30mins.
...15mins really does make a difference. mmk.
.: i am sore and secret i love to be sore.
p.s. have you ever done insanity?
...i'm actually not recommending it because the last time i did it was last Thursday, i swear i'm not that out of shape. it is just.hard.
.: running today alleviated a lot of my unneeded stress.

.:finding this little piece of Joy: Tyrone Wells. Where have i been?
...Seriously my favorite song you might hear me jamming out to as Ally told me:
.: today was 50' and yesterday the bubble of Rexburg was completely covered in snow.

.: driving home with the sun roof open
and listening to love me by Justin Bieber was awesome.

Happy Wardrobe Wednesday! I hope it was fabulous.
p.s. just wanted to say thank you to all you followers!! :)


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you on the black and white! it really can change a photo completely. and what a lovely outfit today :) i love your blog!


Becca and Derek said...

You are so super cute- love your posts. Miss you tons. Get down here to AZ.

Madison Beazer said...

I love wardrobe wednesday and your blog! Thought I'd let you know that you are kind of my style icon as of the moment.

Melissa Stevens said...

What? You were rocking out to Justin Beiber and you liked it?? Love it. Love him, and that song. I love you, and you look fantastic today!!!

Alyssa May Edwards said...

I totally do insanity!!! I am almost done with the 60 day challenge! Ahhh it was so intense! I love you our outfit and your blog! Adorable♥


Megan and Justin said...

love the outfit kels :) miss u!

Mackenzie said...

you are so cute!!!!

Cathy said...

I leave for a week and you are Miss Blogger queen!!! love it and you!!!

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