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Have you ever slipped and fallen hardcore on ice?
Been de-pants while playing flagfootball?
Taken the wrong order at a resturant?
Have you ever fallen up the stairs?
Lost a vital piece of clothing while swimming?
Chest Bumped with a boy?
Broken a chair?

I feel like embarrassing moments happen to me in my life when
I am the only one around.
The only reason it is embarrassing is because not one person I know is around.

I just leaned back in my chair at the library and the back of the seat fell off.

I may have let out a scream of some sort.
...umm awkward?
even more awkward, no one acknowledges what happened.
so annoying.

This weekend we shared our most embarrassing moments.

What is your most embarrassing moment?!


Mackenzie said...

i love this and your new blog!

Alison said...

Um...and don't forget about breaking the chair at the sherwoods house! funny..good times:)

Kelsey said...

seriously SO embarrassing. hahaha i miss you.

Cathy said...

Has Jamie told you her story on snakes???

Gertrude said...

Love these funny/embarrassing moments! hehe :) xo

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