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my jams

it's my birthday.
not really but pretty much
t minus 9 days.
say what?
today I forgot how old I was turning.
24 or 23?
what was i thinking?!
clearly I wasn't.

Music is my cure all.

Here are my top favorites as of 12:01pm today and also on my playlist I like to call "Popular".

Have you seen Country Strong? I was a complete basket case and this song...
Let me be real. It did me in.
and please let's not forget Garrett Hedlund?! sign me up.
I just substitute Keri for Kelsey. You should try it too. All you have to do it put your name in. Keri doesn't mind, promise.
Maybe it's a little heartbreaking but I love it and I thank Ally for introducing me.
Mat Kearney, as always a huge favorite of mine.
I swear I'm not a Debbie Downer or for that, emo. It is just an awesome song.

p.s. remember this:
Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.



Melissa Stevens said...

how could you forget how old you are turning? haha
Love all those songs, and I love country strong because Garrett Hedlund really is amazing.And pretty girl rock will always remind me of you now.
much love from 3 computers down :)

chan said...

I love pretty girl rock. I feel vain listening to it sometimes but inserting your name is a great pick me up. :)

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