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i love this ish

I received this legit award!

and I would just like to say:

Thank you, Ally Mullin!

You should check out her blog. It is auh-sum.

not only are we roommates but also:

bffs. funny. and popular.


So, in order to receive this award you must do the following:

1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link them back in your post.

2. Tell seven things about yourself.

3. Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers.

4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they have received this award.

7 things about me...

1. i use acronyms. a lot.

2. i love reading. photography. flossing and the sun.

3. i believe there is good everything.

4. i graduate with my Bachelors{thankyou} in 9 days.

5. i don't have my ears pierced and yes, I wear clip-ons. They are bomb{dot}com.

6. i want to travel the world.

7. i am going to miss school but I am excited to go out into the world!

Some of my favorite new"er" bloggers:

1. Adore Style

2. Bows and Pearls

3. Chad and Claire

4. he and i

5. Kenzie

6. Kurt and Jen

7. Maddie

8. MD School Mrs.

9. Cara

10. Snaps by Cathy

11. Styleactivist

12. The Hiltons

13. Chanel

14. Madison

15. The Blair Affairs


Gertrude said...

Congrats on your graduation!! I'll be graduating this year too hopefully! Thanks for passing the award to me as well :) xo

Claire said...

Woohoo! Thanks, thanks! I can't believe you graduate so soon! I still have a year to go...
Congratulations, girl. Good luck in the big world! :)

nicolediane25 said...

Thanks for the award! I feel so special :) I also love your blog and I appreciate your love for the GAP as I have a long running love affair with them!


MJ @ MD School Mrs said...

You are so sweet! Thanks for the award - my first one :) I'll be writing a post on it just as soon as I can figure out who I to nominate........ Thanks again girl!

AllyM said...

i love when you say ish

Maddie Miner said...

Aw thanks girl! I sure love your blog too! I haven't even seen you forEVER do you realize that? So I love that I have a way of keeping up with all the great things you're doing :) Good luck making it to graduation!!

Mackenzie said...

you're too kind!!

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