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Have you ever partied in Provo?
Have you ever had the desire to party in Provo?
Will you ever party in Provo?
I will confidently answer all three of these questions for you with a big fat
I'm going to let you in on a little secret about me...
I can be talked into almost anything.
1. Yesterday, at lunch time somehow I was talked into going up on stage infront of possibly hundreds of people and give my "ME in 30seconds".
2. Wednesday night, I was all cuddled up on the couch watching Father of The Bride with Ally and somehow was talked into going over to our friends to play games and I was exhausted.
3. I have never/will never party in Provo. Why?
Party and Provo, I feel should never be in a sentence together.
but did I? I'll deny it but I did spent a night out in Provo.
This last weekend I drove home with Brock and Blaine.
Ally came on Saturday.
Friday night, I was talked into going to Provo.
Best part of the night other than playing some pacman video game for possibly hours...
3D Alice and Wonderland.
Saturday: We went to Bell's Deli.
Shady? Quite possibly.
BUT We met up with Blaine's brother who is on his mission in SLC.
Legal? YES. Don't worry!
Just dance.
enough said. Temple Square. Seriously beautiful anytime of the year. Little miss Ally moo. Seriously, love this girl. I'm just not sure what summer will be like without our constant "funnyness" because honestly, we are funny.

Thank you mom for taking care of us for two weekends in a row.
You are the bombdotcom.


Cathy said...

We loved having you for the two weekends...any time, any where, any place. Love you all!

miss lex: said...

oh provo. :) got to love it! cute blog!

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