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Donald Trump. freaky.

my toes are saying they're ready for summer.
OPI chihuahua. have you used it? pure awesomeness.
why am i so ready for summer?
i miss days/nights like this

something is wrong with me and i'm not sure what it is.
here is my problem:
i can't go 5 hours without needing a nap.
i thought i saw Donald Trump at school yesterday
{also is he really running Mr. Pres?}freaky.
my nose is stuffy. worse possible case ever.
please feel free to diagnose because webMD is not helping.

and if your wondering what I am doing for President's Day weekend.
UTAH here i come!
and yes. again.



Melissa Stevens said...

FAIL on my part. sorry. Have a fun weekend!

Sassy Sarah said...

If you're tired all the time, my diagnosis is staying up too late :) or mono (I hope it's not the latter).

Enjoy your President's Day weekend!

P.S. As per your Valentine's Day post, I want to hear more about your boyfriend! :)

Alison said...

K grams call me this time so i can see you!!!

Brittany Rose said...

um can we re live that picture please. i miss you too much.

MereMorphy said...

i love summer nights too!!

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