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You've missed me. I know. and I am SO sorry.

First things first.
Valentines Day?! Did your boyfriends show as much love to you as Ally and mine did? I mean could they been any cuter? I think not.
cupcakes. gift basket. chocolate and MORE cupcakes.
have you ever wondered what would life be like without cupcakes? my vote is terrible.

This weekend last weekend Ally and I went to Utah and stayed at home. I love home. It was auh-sum.

The weekend included things like Park City, F21, the Rack, food, sleep, naps, dateline, family time and don't judge us but there was some definite prank calling.
{which if you are wondering...we are the worse possible prank callers. EVER.}

If there is one thing I am sure of
{actually I'm sure of many things} but
life goes by fast.
Soak it up. Live it. Be happy. Be nice.
Come what may
and Love it.



MereMorphy said...

ohhhh you girls!! i am SO glad your boyfriends spoiled you rotten :) glad you had a good weekend. miss you!

Scooter Girl. said...

glad your back. love you sis.

Mackenzie said...

you're adorable. love the quote at the end!

Cathy said...

Glad to see your post. You are so adorable! and you're my daughter!

JMay said...

Love that quote...that's what boyfriends are supposed to do :-)

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