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so i'm feeling a little bit sick. but legit. I am.

i have class at 8 in the morning and my alarm surely forgot to go off.
annoying? yes.
I blame it on my two naps yesterday and this amazing sleep spray from Melissa.

so i wake up late and hurried.

i putting on my leggings. big eskimo jacket and uggs.
as i twist my toes and shuffle my feet but the ice caught me a little off guard and i kind of tripped.
actually, lets be more realistic.

i straight up fell hard and right on my booty
and my jacket?
It didn't even give me any comfort.
Immediately after I get a text message from Ally "I sure hope you're out of bed"

I turned around and walked home.
I wasn't even out of the parking lot so it really wasn't that big of a deal.
all I know is

I wish I stayed in bed.

Good morning Thursday!


Scooter Girl. said...

rough mornings are the worst!

Mackenzie said...

sorry you're not feeling well! :(

Sassy Sarah said...

Oh Rexburg! I cannot tell you how many icy days I fell on my butt (and sometimes) got back into bed too. It's better that way. :)

MereMorphy said...

ohhh no!! haha, almost sounds like when i was going to the hot tub with you and my legs went straight up and out and i only had a big jacket and swimsuit on...i hate slipping!! glad you went back to bed.

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