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love is in the air

I realize that it is Jan. 27 and I also realize that I haven't blogged in FOR.EV.ER.
I just wanted to let y'all know of the things i said i would do...
that i am
not. doing...
30for30. I blame school.
facebook. I blame boys.
and I have no other explanation.
fair enough?
okay. so just two things. but I just thought I would share.
sorry for being so lame.

Last night we had a cute little group date at my apt.
you could call me cupid...
(btw what is the difference between cupid and matchmaker? i really don't know.)
{Ally don't kill me. please...}
I am just in the Valentiny love bug mood.
Freaky? A little bit.
So. we had six little couples.
twelve little mailboxes.
made cute little valentines.
decorated pink. sprinklyish. sugar cookies.
oh and
other than...
spending 10 hours in the library yesterday.
500 hours of homework this weekend.
dealing with slippery sidewalks.
my computer deciding to literally DIE.
I absolutely LOVE life.
as always.


Melissa Stevens said...

LOVE this. Last night was so fun. And so glad you're sitting right across from me in the lib.I knew you were gonna give up 30 for 30 the day you came home and told us that you bought a scarf...but not to tell anyone. hahaha

cathy said...

Looks like Jamie is the winner!??? Who did you set up?

MereMorphy said...

i hope you are sending me a valentine in the mail! miss you love bugs.

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