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Klub Karaoke


imagine the smallest town you have ever been to...

do you remember what it was like?
...was there a stop light or just a stop sign? about a gas station?
....what about the people?

cut that town in half.
and I
welcome, YOU to
Rigby, Idaho.
[okay maybe a tiny bit of an exaggeration but not by far okay?]

Last night we went to Klub Karaoke.
[and yes, club, spelt with a "k"]

The first song sung as we walked in...
Grandma got ran over by a reindeer,
sung by a family
[when i say family, i mean toddlers too]

probably the most enjoyable night of my semester so far.


cathy said...

sounds like fun!!! Glad to hear the songs were appropriate!!

JaMie said...

Ha Ha I love how you write because I can hear you telling the story! You are so cute and your apt is super cutie pie too!!

Sassy Sarah said...

Haha... Rigby gets ya every time. Enjoy your time in Idaho, Kelsey! :)

syrell salmon said...

your blog is soo cute- you need to help me with mine! how are you- whats going on in your life!?

Kelsey said...

Syrell. you are too sweet! I would love you help you out with your blog :) NOthing to new or exciting in my life. I graduate in April though and I'm really excited/not ready. hah i LOVE rexburggg. What are you up to?! Are you in Provo?

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