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i just have a lot of seriously's today. don't mind them

[blouse:gap. sweater:target. jeggings:target. boots:nordstrom rack. ring:F21 nailpolish: Pro,in a tiff]

i seriously had the best blog idea ever.
now. i can't remember it for the life of me.

lately, i have had to take a nap.
every. single. day.
and were not talking about my favorite 20 min naps. i am talking about 2 hourish kind of naps.
i think i have mono.

speaking of mono. why does an x feel the need to be mean?
not really mean, but yes. mean.
as in: act too cool for not only school, but you too?
rough. is all i have to say.

rough. I have had yet to fall and today was a my day.
I fell on my way to school.
hard too.
i was all by myself. not a single person was around.
i'm not sure what is more embarrassing...
falling in front of people you don't know by yourself
falling all by yourself with no one around.
i really would have loved to laughed with someone.

oh. and seriously something funny.
actually just really awesome.
ally and i and our new bfs will be the face of the ridge.
i'll post a pic when it comes.
it is happening tomorrow.


KENZIE said...

I love love love this outfit!! I'm sorry you fell :(

JaMie said...

Conrad is going to DIE when i tell him you are the new face of the ridge!! Then again he thought I was a snob because I lived at the ridge and have a (get this) cell phone!!! Ha ha ha BTW story about X=awesome

cathy said...

You fell? I'm sorry! Are you hurt? Did you laugh, anyways? I would have! Love your post... I wish I could write like you!!! Should I sell Mary Kay???

Melissa Stevens said...

OK I really wish I was with your when you fell, because trust me, I would have laughed really loud with you. Hahaha, I'm laughing now just thining about it.

Stephanie Vogel said...

OOOOO kels....I don't know whats more embarrassing either. At least when your alone and you can laugh about it. It's not funny when others you don't know laugh about it. Ouch, I'm sorry! Cute outfits, by the way! Excited to see this pic, I don't know what you mean by face of the ridge.....errr I'm like the only one who didn't or doesn't go to Idaho haha

Kelsey said...

steph! i miss you! How are you doing?! and how is baby in your tummy?! The Ridge is just the apartment complex i live in! p.s. is your sister here? I swear I saw her last semester but i have no idea?! love you girl hope you are doing supER! xoxo

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