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I feel like China.

My most favorite things of just today...

1. waking up at 5:30A.M. with my favorite roomies...just to finish homework.
2. weather proof boots and a big fluffy coat.
3. long enough hair to wear a bun.
4. pushing Miss. Allymoo up the Kimball parking lot in her car.
5. target. Two weeks too short, i now have my planner!

and now I get to go run!

I'm going to miss this college scene.
p.s. have i told you how much i adore these girlies?!



cathy said...

Love this pic and you and your roomies! I miss you!!!

Melissa Stevens said...

Brittany told me I could be y'alls honorary roomie. So could we maybe get some pics together soon?! Cuz I need to have pics with my favorite girls.

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