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heres to a happy holiday

Jamie, Conrad and the girls left this morning. Isn't family the greatest? i absolutely loved being with everyone for the holidays. It made it the
saying goodbyes.

I really wish I was going back to Arizona for school and not Idaho.

here is to preparation of a Rexburg winter.
5. degrees.

we went to park city today and other than cold it was...
cold. cold. cold.
but super fun!
I feel like no matter how many times you go to Park City, it never gets old.

We went to lunch and did a little bit of shopping!
got to love the outlets.


cathy said...

You never get old either! It was a blast....a chilly blast this winter break but a memorable one!

Kenzie Patterson said...

How do I follow your blog!? also, how do i make that list of who i am following like you have!?! :)

Gertrude said...

I can't imagine being in that cold!! Cute pictures :)

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