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believe it or not

[top: gap. belt: f21 cowel: ME! pants:target boots: vince camuto accessories: nordstromrack.]

whether you choose to believe this or not.
it is all up to you.
I. am. as busy as a
how we didn't have school on Monday?!
which btw was the BEST thing ever!
homework. nails and walleyball.
the best part you ask?!
only because of some serious chest bumping action between
little miss ally mullin and the apt mc b.b.
but seriously. today during devo i couldn't even control my giggles
and tonight at roommate scripture study the giggles came back out...

oh and. the very best part of my today?!
let me share.
So I'm walking home and I see my friend.
he commented on my long hair blowing in the wind.
it made my day only because
1. we had a get together on sunday and two people asked me if i cut my hair.
2. i'm growing my hair out.

is it just me or is the best thing ever for someone to comment on your long beautiful hair?!
i love my life.
and yes my head grew three sizes too big by his comment.
happy Tuesday yall!!!


AllyM said...

chest bumb uhhhh. BB aint got nothing on me.

cathy said...

You gorgeous...long haired, girl! Glad you are posting your outfits again!!! love you

JaMie said...

chest pump, big head, long hair, you ARE busy;) Love you! Thanks for posting!!

MereMorphy said...

GIVE ME YOUR CLOTHES!!! i miss you ksmith.

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