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tis the season to be busy!

as much as i love being home...these Sunday naps make Sundays kind of boring! everyone is sleeping. all i want to do is maybe watch a cute little Christmas movie, but for some reason everyone is exhausted! ...and i just don't know why?

after a cra-zy week of ...finals. cleaning. packing. ect. i made it home safe and sounds. My parents had a surprise for me and Cara. So, as i drove to Utah and Cara flew in we went right downtown. We had dinner and then SURPRISE! We saw David Archaleta perform with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was so great!

we like to call this The Christmas Miracle of 2010.

Saturday, Camaron and Morgan were married in Manti. We went to their reception later that night. It was so fun to be around family!

I am so happy for Camaron. Are they not such a couple?

It's kind of crazy how not so little your little cousin really are. I mean, Katie? She towers over me with my heels on. I love just love my cousins. Side note: welcome home to America Wendy!

ooooooh?! and guess who caught the bouquet?! I am so proud of her and y'all know what that means, right?!

big P.S.
Look who was able to make it for the wedding. I miss this boy.

Enjoy the holidays with your families. This truly is the best time of the year!
Happy Holidays! xoxo

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cathy said...

Great post! You got our whole weekend in! I want you to know that I rarely take a Sunday nap!!

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