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let it snow! let it snow!

Only one more day until...
The whole family is here.
Ugly Sweaters are worn.
ChristmasEve dinner at a JoyLuck.
(and yes this will be a first X-mas.eve Chinese dinner ever)
and new pajamas!
Let's Party on 2010!!!
p.s. I blame Rexburg for my dislike of snow. I'm just not into the whole walking to school when it's so cold that your hair, hands, nose, feet, etc. are completely frozen and THEN walking into your classroom, taking off your five hundred layers and sweating profAlign Leftusely. Sidenote: (I'm so not excited for winter2011.) BUT i will say, i love waking up to snow on Christmas. What is with all of this non-Christmas weather?! I'll be praying for snow. It is a must.

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