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Don't ask me why but when I'm in bed in the morning, staying in bed sounds so much better than waking up and going to the library...even when you're in bed at 10:30 the night before.
Here is my Thursday morning:
I got ready and went to the library to get things done, right?
False. let me share. I come to the library and set up at my computer.
first of all, 3rd floor. Everywhere else full. Seriously 3rd floor just not for me anymore:
way. to. social.
I mean I am a super senior. I'm just not into the whole finding a date at the library scene.
I go to pull out my homework. Sign in on the computer. Get my water bottle, pen and phone. Open google, open pandora and select: Pachelbel (surprising? not so much. It would be Taylor but it's finals and I mean business.) I reach down to get my headphones...and oh? what? They're not there? This has put a real damper on my day. big bummer.
Long story short:
Instead of listening to Pachelbel, studying, preparing my lesson for Sunday, ect. I cannot stop blogging and it's a bummer because I need to get things done.
Wednesday, legitimately felt like a 48hour day. So on a happy note, let the weekend begin!
Grey's with the roomies. Some might say were obsessed. I disagree. It's really educating and I can prove it: so far, Brittany has discovered she has a tumor because she is thirsty all the time. Ally, diagnosed a patient before the doctors on the show even did.
Mel is coming into town and that means reunion with some great old friends!
sledding, snowmobiles, hotcocoa...
and then comes Monday week of school! holler.

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JaMie said...

You are too cute and i love how you write oh and i love how you dress, do your hair...and i love you.

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