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...actually just my toes?!
this is correct.
Christmas Eve Morning. You could find me learning the difference between...
ducks and seagulls.
here is the secret:
ducks glide.
I went duck hunting with my dad and brother.
I just wanted to see what it was really like.
and if you ask me,
i'll tell you the truth: BORING.
You set up fake little ducklings in the water and wait for the ducks to come...only they don't come. ever.
BUT the most exciting part:
a piggy back ride through the water.
words cannot describe the crazyness in this.


I'm truly saving you all from a full on pic. of my outfit. it crossed all lines of fashion in more than many, many ways.


Melissa Stevens said...

I want to see a picture of this outfit. haha

Sassy Sarah said...

Kelsey... you are hilarious! I'm glad you had fun duck hunting. You're brave to sign up to go along.

cathy said...

You really do "quack" me up! Couldn't resist that one! I'm glad you went with the boys! love you...

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