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we might have lost the championship game by only just one point.
i guess i'll just need to find something else to play in the winter to win that t-shirt...

okay and seriously last taylor song of the day k?


KP said...

hi kelsey!!

i dont know if you remember me...kellie parisek now kellie mcdonald since im married!
i just wanted you to know that i read your blog and i think you're adorable. so you should add me to your contacts except i need your email to add you to my list of readers since my blog is set on private! just comment again on here and i will find your email.
thanks girl!

K said...

kelly omg of course i remember you hahha. my email is add me please! i would love it! what is your blog address?! sorry i took so long to reply, i just noticed that you commented. hope you are doing super!

KP said...

k i added you to my list of readers.
my blog address is


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