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go gouda!!!

My goal upon graduating BYU-Idaho not only has been to receive a diploma (which i know is a really great thing) but I will also graduate with a championship tee shirt showing that my team won in a competitive sport. It's really not too much to ask. Let me just say, It is a privilege to own one and it is all i have ever wanted since i started school here in the summer of '06. I always am on a competitive team and such but we are just never good enough...This is the fall of change! I am on a football team and we are going to rock it! and It is starting really great. For example, Tonight:

Usually I play middle blocker...or the one who throws the ball to the quarter back...but since we have intense new coaches this year; EX. last night we had practice for TWO hours, they have been switching it up some. They threw me out there tonight as a receiver and since I'm not used to the ball being me thrown to me and me catching it...the first time I may have forgotten to run with the ball...everyone was yelling, "KELSEY RUNNNNNNN!" but I didn't realize I had the ball until my flag was pulled...BUT ill have you know that I learned my lesson, because...I caught the ball. the second time. in the end zone. tonight. giving Team Gouda one more point!!!

and p.s. we won!!!

1 and 0 ill take it!


Sassy Sarah said...

Awesome! Congrats, Kels! :)

cathy said...

You are sooooo my daugher! Isn't it just enough to catch the ball! And they want us to run, too!

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