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october 6th

i just wanted to give a belated happy birthday shout out to the best dad ever.

Why my dad is so great:
.: he always has the best ideas - whether it work, boys, or dinner. i can always count on him.
.: caring towards all - he is always looking out for others.
.: loving
.: adventerous - just one ex. summer08 my dad wanted to take me to school driving a jeep wrangler with the top down the whole way. ...regardless of the 30' temp at one point and extra 100 miles we drove...hah we made it to rexburg, idaho sunburnt and alive
.: firm testimony.
.: he is a hardworker and very much selfless - he provides for his family and will help anyone in need

.: genuine to all
.: best problem solver i know - literally though. he always has an answer to any question or problem.
.: giving
.: ambitious - my dad has done so many things and continues to amaze me.


JaMie said...

Amen to that! That was so sweet of you to post this!

cathy said...

That was wonderful. What a great daughter you are. We love you so much and I will make sure Dad reads this! Keep on posting!

cathy said...

Oh, for the record... Dad's birthday is on the 6th mine is on the 5th!!! See I do read these :)

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