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happy birthday!!!

this is just a shout out to the best mom in the whole entire world.
why my mom is so great:
.: she has the best mom jokes. seriously though.
.: always supportive.
.: so stylish.
.: beautiful. inside and out.
.: her laugh is contagious.
.: shows kindness to everyone.
.: gives the best hugs.
.: an amazing decorator.
.: strong testimony of the gospel.
.: charitable to everyone.
.: best cook ever.
.: always happy. everyone loves to be around her.
.: spontanious. you can always count on an adventure with this one.
just a few reasons
happy birthday mom. thank you for your example. you never fail to amaze me. i love you.


Vogels said...

Kelsey your mom's jokes are the best! So original

Sassy Sarah said...

Such a nice post about your mom... I hope she had a wonderful birthday!

cathy said...

Kelsey~ Thanks for your kind words. You are my favorite daughter, for sure! Like Totally!! I love you and appreciate your thoughtfulness! It made my day! (on Thursday!) see you tomorrow!!!

cathy said...

I'm going to keep commenting on this! Just to make you laugh! Wow~ what a great Mom you have!

cathy said...

You are one lucky lass! To have a Mom like you do! ha ha ha

Nicole said...

All true things about your Mom! It's so cool how much you honor, respect and appreciate your Mom!

Claire said...

These things describe your mama so well. I'm wearing a big grin right now.
Love you.

Mormon Bachelor Pad said...

You forgot to mention that she also "believes in Pink"

I'm gonna call my mom and tell her I love her thanks to this post, right now!

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