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lets play catch uP!

i'm taking snowboarding right now and have two classes leFt! this past wednesday we had the most beautiful day ever. the sun was shining. not a cloud in the sky. and it was even above the teens. LOVE it.

these are just a couple of the girls in my class.

On our way up the mountain.

this weekend my dad, kurt and jen came up for a couple days.
jen is the cutest little prego i have ever seen, i seriously can't wait for baby to comE!

thank you to those of you who voted and not to make you feel bad but my choice of party is acutally going to be a fun little margarita night(virgin of course). ill post pics after my
p.s. 2 days= 21. Eek.


Sassy Sarah said...

So fun! I just saw your dad yesterday who told me about his trip. That's awesome he came to see you guys. :) Happy birthday in two days! Can't wait to hear how the party goes.

cathy said...

You have less than 24 hours until you are 21! now don't freak out because you are turning 21! It could be worse~ you could be turning 49! ooooh :@> really, age is what you make it! There is nothing to getting older~I'd highly recommend it! The alternative is deadly!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kelsey! I realy can't believe you are 21 years old! I hope you have the funnest day and a really fun night with your virgin Margarita party! I don't think I voted for that one but whatever you think will be the most fun! :o) You are an awesome person and I love you lots! Love, "Micole"

Maggie said...

Hi Kelsey,
This is my first comment on your blog. What a great blog you have! I just left a message on your phone for your birthday but I wanted to write something here also. You are such a wonderful girl with so much to offer. You have such depth to you which would be a wonderful thing to share with others on a mission or wherever you decide to go in life. Happy
21st sweetie. Have a great time in Margaritaville! Love, Maggie

Stephen and Rosie Boren said...

yay SNOWBOARDING.... what level are you in? you should go with me!

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