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spelling bee

i'm off track right now so i'm just taking night classes and working full time. i seriously NEVER expected to be so busy. I am more busy right now than i have ever been in any other semester. but i love it really, it's kind of nice to have a set sched.

So i lOVE my night classes. My most fav by far is Public Speaking. I have Bro. Hales. He is hilarious. I have never laughed so hard in a class. I don't know, he is of a kind. love him!

Last night during class we split up into two groups and I was designated to write our answers on the board. okay first of all. i am confident that i am a good speller. I mean, I can remember being able to spell WATERMELON before Kurt and Jamie...and i really dont think thats an exaggeration. Mom?

Spelling Lesson From Kelsey 101

Clearity is spelt like this: clArity.

and as well as

Imgery. deffinately: imAgery.

ok so FINE i have a hard time remembering where to place the A's.


Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

Haha... so funny! I'm glad you're enjoying your night classes. :)

cathy said...

Kelsey~ you are my best speller!!! I'm glad you are learning..

cathy said...

definitely! please, keep being a good speller. Temple, pimple not tempel or you get it! ha ha

Anna Joy said...

haha, I do believe I remember you having some issues with dislexia... but I still think you are a GREAT speller.

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