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although it may seem like i have forgotten about the blogging world, i haven't i promise! i've just been looking for time through all of the homework, work and you know liFe!
Here are my FAVORITE FIVE things about fall:
1. Jamie, Conrad and Kylie.
... I LOVE that they live here!! It makes Rexburg more...home"ish"…? I love that I have them so close and I know that I can always call them for anything.

2. Mother’s weekend.
...Probably by far my favorite weekend. All of my roommates and our moms came! its was so fun and just a relaxing weekend! but i loved just being able to spend time with my mom...sharing my little room and having sleepovers everynight!3. School.
...Your probably thinking…RIGHT. BUT! after being in Alaska for song long I knew I missed school for a reason. Let me tell you why: I love school. I love campus. I love the social aspect. I love the standards. And I love my roommates. The only thing I have to complain about is the homework...of course. I know.
4. Halloween weekend.
...My grandparents had their 50th wedding anniversary during Halloween weekend and I was not excited to go down for a day, but I LOVED every minute of being in Utah. I was with ALL of my family. I went down with conrad, jamie and ky and we all met up at our cousins football gamE! then we all took Kylie trick-or-treating and then we went to dinner, talked forever and just watched a movie! It was so fun to be all together.
5. Weather.
...Silly I know. BUT usually by this time in Rexburg there is SNOW everywhere and since I’m staying in Rexburg for the winter I’m totally okay with not seeing snow until February.

Call us crazy i know! so it was a while ago...but listen...this is what it usually looks like about now.


Shauna said...

you are so cute!! love.

JaMie said...

This is a great post! I love you! Thanks for sharing...

cathy said...

I'm so glad that you updated! Love your list of the 5! A little disappointed that I wasn't #1~ I guess I'll have to work harder at that one...ha ha. I do love you and can't wait to squeeze you on Sunday! Road trip from Deeee-troit! Enjoy the warmth while I'm enjoying teh beautiful, falling snow! LOVE it!!!

Sarah: Der Wenigste Blog der Welt said...

So fun... I'm glad that Kylie, Conrad, and Jamie are so close to you too! Looks like your family adventures were super fun! Enjoy Rexburg for me, surprisingly sometimes I miss it. :)

Brady and Kelsey said...

Kels! You are too cute! I didn't know you were going to be around for winter semester! I must agree that I am really happy that we don't have a ton of snow yet. I'm not looking forward to it :(

Tim and Niccole said...

Hahaha I totally remember when you guys did that next to the round about!! That was awesome!

Vogels said...

Kelseyy Oh MY I didn't know you had a blog!!! So cute, you should check mine if you havn't yet. Anyways Love you and Miss you!!

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