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Tag, I'm it!
this goes out to stephanie...thank you for making me blog. it's hard to find the time, but once i do it... i really enjoy it :)

Three places I want to travel:
1. Africa
2. Europe
3. Austraila
Three things I love to eat:
1. fresh crunchy grapes
2. a home cooked meal.
3. popcoRn
Three things that I am excited for:
2. fall FalL FALL
3. liFe.
Three movies I love:
1. pride and pred.
2. definately,maybe.
3. elF
Three favorite songs as of today:
1. I wanna love you- bob marley
2. forever- chris brown
3. i'm yours-Jason Maraz
Three things that drive me crazy:
1. dirty apartment
2. not having independence
3. grow out.ah.
Three pleasures I want in life:
1. a car.
2. graduate college
Three favorite colors:
1. does rainbow count?
2. purplE. not ugly purple but the vibrant one:)
3. Black
Three things that make me happy:
1. sunshine.
2. My family.
3. the feeling of home.
Three people to tag:
1. jamie.
2. cara.
3. mom.


Stephanie Johnson said...

1. Rainbow DOES count, HOOORRRAYYY!
2. I am sooo excited for fall!
I promise I will teach you how to update blog with pictures and stuff, it will be so so so cute. I love you and mis you and I can't wait to see you in less than two weeks!!!! BFFFFFFFFFFF.

Shauna said...

yay for you putting another post up! I am excited for Fall too..and i'm glad we'll be living so close!! Play like every day? Please!

cathy said...

Tag? Does that mean you're it? I found your blog from Steph's link. I need to figure out how to put those links on mine. I miss you and love you. You are independent. I am proud of you~ you beauitful girl. And don't get too wild. mmmm.
love you bunches (lub) mom

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