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It's monday

ohhhh the joys of Monday!

the AC was broken at work today. 
i work in Phoenix, ARIZONA.
It's JULY.
It's currently 111 degrees out
and it's 6PM.
holy Hannah, it's as hot as Africa times TWELVE over here
(i'd rather be IN Africa)
and you know all i've done all day long is complain.
(this is gross but MUST be said:)
it's a good thing i'm wearing black today

i go to Vegas Thursday for work.
i can't wait to see my provo team.
love them, a lot.

i know this my be so 2009 but I can't stop saying  adorbs
ew. i know. (and ew. as in cute.)

Did you know I have the prettiest sisters ever? I don't want to brag, but my family is pretty. We're cute. okay?
It's Cara's birthday today!!!! I'm so blessed to have such caring, understanding, and giving sisters.
Happy Birthday 22nd to the happiest. kindest. sweetest. most loving 22 year old out there. LOVE YOU!

Happy Monday!


reason #512 why i LOVE arizona

fact: i've heard it's illegal to cut these down 
#bummer BECAUSE i would love one in my room. 

i love slightly obsessed with workout clothes. 
call me craaaaazy. #itsfine
there is a little city in Arizona (not sure if it's really little but the name sounds little)called, Anthem.
they have outlets.
i'm not a HUGE fan of outlets unless it's Nike because of the workout clothes, obviously.
i have never heard of an Under Armor outlet until today.
i haven't been yet, but you better believe i am on my way out the door.
wish me luck! #cannot wait.
maybe it'll be my new favorite outlet?
What's your favorite outlet?!

have a fabulous weekend!
shop til you drop! 
Happy Friday!



July is my favorite month. Seriously. to March #mybirthday and Decemeber #Christmas. and I LOVE October. 
Okay, July is my favorite summer month!

#holly #roomies

So I had my first Diamondbacks game experience #joy #iloveAZ #goDBacks

A few I took away from this...
A diamondback is a snake #notokaywiththis #ew
Never park at the very top of a parking garage if attending a holiday event in a large city, or ever #tafficjam
Chase Stadium only has 1 Chase ATM #weird #whyichoosewellsfargo
If you want your twitt to be shown on the big screen have me twitt it :) #mineappearedtwice #@kelseyanne_says

 #1reasonilovejuly #DanielHudsoncallmemaybe #baseball

 i love july. 
i love celebrating independence. 
i love celebrating birthdays.
i love fireworks.
i love watermelon.
i love family gatherings.
i love baseball.
i love water.
i love green grass. 
i love red. white. and blue.
i love parades. 

#johnjay? #roomies 

Hope your 4th was fabulous! xoxo


weddings make me happy

I've learned a few things since I've moved to AZ

1. Weddings make me happy.
Ally got married. We love this. The happiest, most beautiful bride I have ever seen. and let's not forget about Dan, looking sharp as ever. Other than Ryan's blue stripe shirt, the wedding was PER.FECT.

2. Love stories make my heart melt. I'm not sure if it gets any sweeter. 
Brandon and Kenzie got married. High School Sweethearts. This has to have been one of my favorite weddings ever.

3. I will have wish lanterns at my someday wedding. 
 random: I still sing my "abc's" while twisting the stem off my apple...
anyone else...and any luck?!

4. When in an uncomfortable/awkward situation
(which I place myself i constantly and fully aware okay?) I become overly confident...(I can't even share these stories publicly because I am still traumatized over this) ...too soon. TOO. SOON.

5. I love Arizona.and even more than my love for Arizona, I LOVE it when I have visitors.
(thank you mom and cara for visiting!!!)
(I am aware this is a rough pict. let's embrace it. mmk!?) Come back Care-bear! or better yet, move back ;)


As awesome as Utah is, I LOVE Arizona.

my roomies are delightful. seriously. we took a mini vaycay to the happiest place on earth. other than the smells... The roadtrip. company. traffic. and Disneyland made up for it!

Miss Kylie graduated kindergarten. The most adorable graduation I have EVER seen. they sang this song from the lion king and even had actions to it. 
omg. thinking about it makes me sick because it was SO cute. 

I cannot believe how fast little babies grow. Not seeing these boys, kills meee. I miss them.

These little babes stayed with me a couple weeks ago. I can't wait for them to more even closer to me! 
After  (what Kylie calls)"Friday Family Movie Night" We went lizard catching and bunny chasing last night. 
(any tips on how to actually catch a lizard? Kylie was disappointed and to be honest if we would have even seen one, I could have ran the other way. I find them freaky.)

p.s. yes, that is the Gilbert Temple in the background. 
and Yes, this is right up the street from me. 
SO beautiful.


rumor has it...

I'm moving to Arizona.

You're probably thinking...

"Kelsey, you've only visited twice!"
"Ummm we know you LOVE the sun BUT summers are literally HOT."
"whose the boy?"
Or most the most common:

My answer: Why not?!

I'm at a time in my life where I feel like I can do; exciting, sparatic, adventurous or even boring things, if I choose to.
...If truth be told, I hate making decisions unless; I know exactly what I want, and this, this is something I not only want but I need it.

So, here it is:

It all started in July 2006, freshman year of college.
I made some friends who were from "AZ" and they had nothing but absolutely wonderful, delightful things to say about Arizona.

Fast forward a couple years...

2009 Cara Bear decided to go to school in Thatcher, AZ. She had a delightful time and always had an awesome tan (year-round mind you)

2010 Jamie and Conrad decided to go move to Glendale, AZ for Conrad to go to Medical School (where they currently live:))
2011 I graduated in April and set a few goals...a couple of them being: 1 get a job(check) and 2 live at home for a year(check, check!)
2012 March. My first AZ visit was 3 days 2 nights and I already knew I had to live I came back to Utah on Sunday and you better believe Monday morning I was applying for jobs in Mesa.

One week and a half later, my second visit to AZ for a job interview: visit 4 days 3 nights.
The following Tuesday I was offered the job but needed a couple days to think about things, I called the next day to: decline.

Same week:  I was given the opportunity to keep my current job AND transfer locations (um blessings?!!) How could I say no? Not possible people!

longest story ever only in a nut shell:
I'm moving to AZ and I couldn't be more excited!!!

Arizona may be deathly hot. In fact, I heard recently that it is against the law to deny anyone water (ex: they come to your house for water, you must give) We don't know if this is true...but let's say it is...UM hello, what in the world happened for them to create this law? a bit freaky, but i'll take it!

I'm sad to leave my little boos, as well as the rents, my sibilings and the bff


I am beyond excited to be so close to my little munchkins and Jamie, Conrad and their little bean who is on the way!

So, bring on the heat AZ :) 


two for tea and tea for two

I'm not a huge fan of first dates.
Here are just a couple my concerns before the date even starts.

Time. First dates should be no longer than 3 hours. no questions. some boys don't know this.
The unknown. Surprise dates are cute and thoughtful, but me getting ready for dinner and then actually riding a horse, those are two completely different outfits.
and THEN
AWKWARD moments. {fast forward now}

I am an herbal tea fanatic. For real. I love everything about it.
Saturday, I went on a date and he took me to the Beehive Tea Room.
Did you know there were such places?!
It was the most adorable place ever and not to mention I felt like I was downtown NYC.

So far the date was going great, like so adorable.

After we had tea we went to dinner.
{this is where most of my dates go bad, and this time wasn't any different}

I tend to chat ... Some of the time  Most of the time I don't even know what I'm chatting about so at times I tend to say things I don't even know I'm saying.

Let me explain.

I called my date by his ex-bff's name mid-conversation. (and didn't know, which didn't help the situation)

So when he said, "Do you know what you just called me?"
Me: "Adorable?!"
...didn't go over to well.

So, in case you were wondering, #thatawkwardmoment when you call your date by his ex-bff's name, is in fact really awkward

Single and embracing those awkward moments, life is fabulous!


My baby sis left me for the Key West.
I don't totally blame her for a number of reasons namely:
I'm in Utah and its winter.

She has been blogging it has made me realize I've missed the blogging world.

Here is a little update of my exciting life.

I love Fall but, I'm not a huge Halloween fan. Dance parties. dressing up like a hoe. and chili are not high on my list (although Hokus Pokus gets me everytime)BUT I'll have you know I loved this year.

That is right
{Rock. Paper. Scissors}

Thanksgiving was filled with family and friends! Best.Thanks.ever.

{with my favorite little girlies}

Brings Memories of: Ice skating. Nephews. Family&Friends. Frantic shopping. Game nights. Baking. And Nienie.

Has given me high hopes for a fabulous New Year! I LOVE January. I love setting goals. I love looking at the pass year and I LOVE looking at the future.

Here's to HAPPY 2012 :)
{If you want a happy future, start living happy now}

I had a much needed hair appt yesterday.
Touch up on the color.
Maybe some chopping.
When you're offered tickets to the Jazz VS Lakers game...


in case you were wondering

i've never been one to schedule my week around t.v. shows.
like ever.

okay other than Gossip Girl.

Well and i once was obsessed with Grey's Anatomy.
when i say obsessed...really there is no other word to use to describe well, maybe addicted.
i stopped for a few good reasons namely: my health.
1. i stayed up way to late so...
2. i wasn't sleeping.
3. my social life my have lacked some
4. i even started to think about changing my major my senior year of college for very valid reasons... medical terminology and i could diagnose anything from a broken leg to bronchitis! pure talent.

So one day i stopped cold turkey and in the middle of a season too.

Thanks to my bff I now have netflix on my phone.
Do you know what this means?!
My time at the gym lately has consisted of me catching up.
I am one happy gym-go-er.

It's been awhile since i've been to the gym.
When i say a while i mean a long time.
like a month in a half.

SO tell me you secrets.
What keeps you a happy gym-go-er?!
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